On January 18th David Millard, community projects co-ordinator, hosted a talk for staff and students to learn about IASME.

Here’s what David said about the morning:

‘At the time of my visit, only one student was at the right stage in their career decisions to find the talk beneficial. As he had seen me at a previous ‘Defcon’ meeting, he immediately felt comfortable which was good.

Myself and one of the staff sat with him whilst we spoke about his aspirations, and I explained in more detail the structure & facets to IASME.

They were interested to hear about the 6-week workshop’s we’ve previously held, as well as the various other community project’s being developed. As soon as the new UKCSF website is up and running, they will use that for reference.’

The one-on-one talk went very well, even the staff member seemed interested!

David goes on to say:

‘I feel it went well & now the staff know what we do, they can advise other students further, and suggest further talks in the future.’

     – Tilly Williams