In February 2022, IAMSE worked in partnership with the UK Cyber Security Forum CIC supported by the Immersive Labs learning platforms and funded by Hereford and Worcestershire DWP.

The Cyber Security training course is a 5-week level 3 course tailored at neurodivergent individuals to teach cyber security foundations and workplace skills.The course was developed by several IASME employees who worked hard to make the project a reality.

A recent estimate suggests that on 52.1% of disabled adults between the ages of 16-64 with the number being even lower for adults with autism. The importance of this programme goes without saying, it gives neurodivergent candidates the confidence to build up their skills to help them in their future careers and help with finding employment.

There are many current IASME employees who have been recruited from similar schemes. Jonathan Ellwood, chief knowledge officer, and Jess Burden, security engineer, were part of the first waves of trainees and subsequently recruited for IASME.

UKCSF and IASME are planning to deliver blended cyber security training for neurodiverse adults.

     – Tilly Williams