Training & Development

  • CyberDefenders CTF – For those that only just started learning about CTFs and aren’t ready yet to build a team and join competitions, this online resource will prove beneficial. The website hosts old retired challenges that anybody can download for practise and training. CyberDefenders also host their own Discord server which you can join by following a link on their website.
  • Certified CyberDefender: CCD Certification – [PAID] Cyber Defenders also provide a vendor-neutral, hands-on cyber defense training and certification. This course will jumpstart and empower those on their way to becoming the next generation of SOC analysts, blue teams, and security engineers. This course introduces students to real-world threats defenders experience in their networks and the tools used to defend against these threats. It provides the essential foundation of modern cyber defense operations.
  • Attack-Defense Online Labs – A massive online resource. Attack defense hosts over 2000+ unique lab exercises on topics spanning from recon, exploitation, post-exploitation, data exfiltration, web applications, traffic analysis, CVEs, network components, infrastructure attacks, privilege escalation, forensics, and more. New labs are added weekly!
  • Cyber Choices 2023 Challenge – Test your knowledge of the Computer Misuse Act 1990, show off your gaming skills, and make the right Cyber Choices to win! This challenge is free and open to anybody wishing to register. You have time until midnight on Sunday 26 February 2023 to complete the challenge.

     – Patryk Wozniak

Quick Tips 

  • During interviews, do not shy away from asking the interviewer questions and showing interest in the company/role you are applying for
  • Prep for standard/typical interview questions with a family member or a friend. If you can’t, try asking your job coach for support
  • Study the job description and identify the required skills. Update your CV to reflect that information
  • Bring a notebook and a pen. There is nothing stopping you from taking notes during (or bringing your own notes with you) to the interview
  • Prepare smart questions for your interview. (i.e. What challenges did my predecessor face? What does success mean in this role? What is the future of this role?)
  • Tie your answers to specific skills, experiences, and knowledge you possess. Give examples to evidence these
  • Your CV needs to do you justice and be an effective marketing tool so make sure it conveys your personality successfully, with a spark of originality
  • Prepare the outfit for your interview the night before

Job Opportunities

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