Jane Waterfall, IASME’s marketing content manager, attended Innovation Family Day at Malvern Library. The Malvern Festival of Innovation is a free hands-on science experience with exhibits from a variety of organisations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

IASME’s stall involved a sorting activity simulating a router, in which children had to sort brightly-coloured shaky eggs into buckets of the same colour, while looking out for malware (eggs with skulls on). The fastest sorter won and received a prize, however all the sorters were given chocolate and a sticker for giving it a go.

The event focuses on children, IASME’s stall was most popular with children under five. It’s wonderful to see so many young get involved with science. It was especially inspiring to see young girls learning about STEM from other women in the field. Let’s hope the event inspires the next generation of young scientists!

     – Tilly Williams