IASME was selected as Cyber Business of the Year at the annual Cyber Awards 2022. A big congratulations to everyone, we’ve all worked very hard and appreciate such recognition.

Job Opportunities

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Quick Tips

  • During interviews, do not shy away from asking the interviewer questions and showing interest in the company/role you are applying for
  • Prep for standard/typical interview questions with a family member or a friend. If you can’t, try asking your job coach for support
  • Study the job description and identify the required skills. Update your CV to reflect that information
  • Bring a notebook and a pen. There is nothing stopping you from taking notes during (or bringing your own notes with you) to the interview
  • Prepare smart questions for your interview. (i.e. What challenges did my predecessor face? What does success mean in this role? What is the future of this role?)
  • Tie your answers to specific skills, experiences, and knowledge you possess. Give examples to evidence these
  • Prepare the outfit for your interview the night before

Training & Development

Microsoft Technical Architecture Fundamentals – This is Microsoft’s free learning platform, it will help any technicians aspiring to pass exams and gain one of Microsoft’s certifications. Content is free to access by anybody.

TryHackMe | Red Teaming Career Learning Path – Recently TryHackMe launched a new learning path for those who are subscribed to the service. This collection will teach you the basic fundamentals of red teaming as well as introduce you to a number of exploitations.

TryHackMe | Intermediate Nmap – New addition to the TryHackMe series on Nmap scanning. Does not require a subscription to access the content.

     – Patryk Wozniak