Training scheme welfare officer, Alex Jones catches up with some of the trainees from the Neurodivergent Cyber Security Training Programme to find out how they are getting on in their new jobs in the e2e-assure Security Operations Centre.


UK Cyber Security Forum Neurodiversity Scheme Trainees

e2e are experts at threat detection and response based in the UK and Australia. They  provide a Security Operations Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to organisations of all sizes, with the goal of improving their cyber security. Lead Analyst, George Sale was involved with some of our original training programme, kindly giving up time to deliver fantastic presentations and insights into the work done by system analysts and other various role in the industry. 

The great thing about e2e is that they actively recruit, train and support people who are neurodiverse, recognising how their specific skills (that are often sadly neglected) are sometimes just what is needed in a SOC team. 

Our recent trainees have been working there now part-time for a couple of months and are loving the challenge and relishing the opportunity that has been afforded them; some of them have never before had the chance to work in an industry they so obviously aspire to. It is fantastic to see them in employment and all getting on so well.  Kurtis said, “the hours slip into minutes”, he is enjoying the training with ‘Blue Team Security’, the scenarios, questionnaires and really, really loves the exams too!  Robert told me how they monitor suspicious online activity and Liam in particular seems very skilful in narrowing down options. What an extraordinary guy, he has a 600 rating on ‘’ and can in fact solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle in less than 30 seconds (apparently using algorithm). This I have got to see and so he has promised to bring a cube to work the next time I drop by. 

So many thanks to George for giving our trainees such a great start in cyber security and for helping us with our training sessions too.  A great team already as far as I can see – cyber security analysts in the making. Good luck guys! 

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