In late January of 2023 a new video was filmed for the new UKSCF website. Initially when we first built this website our CEO Emma Philpott recorded a clip talking about the general importance of cyber security in industry.

This was a great introductory clip into cyber security however it soon became apparent that we needed a more focussed presentation of our community work and to highlight our own specific work and objectives.

Community Projects Team wrote the script for the new video documenting our journey from initial training with neurodivergent trainees, documenting our journey from those initial workshops to successfully finding work for some of our trainees, placing them in various entry-level posts and other jobs in cyber security.

Wendy Barker and Al Jones from IASME filming
UKCSF and IASME members Wendy and Al filming

The script also includes how we are branching out and doing other community work such as highlighting, in a very practical hands-on way, social engineering and being safe online with the elderly and vulnerable groups, in this instance in collaboration with a large housing association. Wendy Barker, head of the community projects team was chosen to be the speaker, ‘she agreed (after some arm twisting)’.

Alex Jones goes on to say, ‘The finished script was then the foundation for a collaboration with Jane Waterfall (with whom I also work on video projects for IASME) and Wendy herself. Indeed, we were still adding and changing stuff right up to the very moment of filming.


We shot the video very professionally at a local film maker’s very well-equipped studio in Malvern and it has be said, Wendy was marvellous; obviously a real natural on camera and I do think we will be using her again for future projects.

The filming took just a few hours and was shot with two cameras so we can cut to various angles. Wendy read it perfectly from an autocue (just like a BBC newsreader). Jane and Alex have finished the edit, and the finished video can be seen here.’ 

 – Tilly Williams

Jane Waterfall and Al Jones filming